For many organizations, the world of social media, online influencers and Twitter parties can be overwhelming. Holly Rosen Fink’s deep understanding of how the online world works and endless supply of ideas for generating greater visibility and engagement is invaluable. She also cares deeply about making a difference in the world around her, both at home and abroad, and is dedicated to using her expertise to accomplish that. At mothers2mothers, we are grateful to Holly for coming up with the idea of mobilizing a group of online influencers to raise awareness about efforts to eliminate pediatric AIDS and keep HIV-positive mothers alive. In no time, she assembled a team of accomplished bloggers - just as passionate about making a difference in the world as she is - to partner with us and help create connections and understanding between the HIV-positive mothers we work with in sub-Saharan Africa and caring mothers around the world. Engaging influential bloggers in our mission is something that we had wanted to do for a long time but could never get off the ground. Holly - with her connections, passion and energy - has made it a reality and a success.

Carolyn McEwen, Communications Manager