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We’re thrilled to be teaming up with the author of Parenting Without Borders: Surprising Lessons Parents Around the World Can Teach Us by Christine Gross-Loh.  In her book, she takes readers on a multicultural tour of the world’s best parenting practices – from Finland, Sweden and Germany to France, Japan, China, Italy and beyond to examine how international parents successfully foster creativity, discipline, independence, resilience and academic excellence in their children. During this party, we’ll get right to the heart of and dissect the matters we care most about when it comes to raising children: life skills, eating habits, manners, expectations, mom guilt, sleeping and our obsessions with praise (too much? not enough?). We’ll learn what we’re doing right and what we’re possibly doing wrong, and we’ll all certainly come away with a new slate of practices and goals. We have three FABULOUS moderators guiding our discussion: Carol Cain from Girl Gone Travel (@carolacain) Mara Gorman from Mother of All Trips (@motherofalltrip) Katja Presnal from Skimbaco Lifestyle (@skimbaco) In addition, we’ll be giving away amazing prizes every 10 minutes including: This book captures the essence of our mission and raison d’existence and we can’t wait to get the party started.

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